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Taking Local Businesses to New Tops

You’ll Dominate Your Local Competition

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“…online marketing strategy? What are you talking about?”

How local business owners like us… who struggle to find new customers on a regular base, how can we build a reliable system that generates an insane amount of customers on the phone?
With Lead Generation Machine, you will find an effective and proven way to put your phone number in front of the people that are searching for your services.
There is nothing better for a Tradie or a Home Services Business than a constant stream of lead calling you every day.
If you are ready to grow your business to the moon, call us!

Grow your Business Newcastle


With a local high authority website, you will be able to target customers in your services area, which are actively looking for the services you offer and ready to hire you now.

Quit Feeling “Lost” In Your Business

We know you are the best at your trade, but growing a business can be tough. About 60 percent of small local businesses close their doors within the first three years of operation.

You’ve got plenty of responsibilities, and sometimes you might feel like you bearly surviving.

How in the world do you suppose to take the time to market your business effectively?

The #1 business spot in your area is for you to take it. It does not matter you’ve been in the game for a long time or you’re new to the market. If you want to scale your business fast enough, you’ll need a Local Marketing Strategy in place.

digital marketing strategy and campaign


  • Targeted traffic to your site
  • Quality leads on a daily basis
  • Earn more money for your business

Get in Touch Now and Claim Your Spot On Page #1 of Google

For Your Online Marketing Needs


We’ll Increase Your Online Presences and Keep Your Phone Ringing Nonstop

website design for local business


Get a responsive website that works on mobile devices. Put your website to work for you and bring you new customers every day.

Phone call lead generation strategy


Tired of SEO expenses and the Google Dream? We can generate local leads for you without any of the technical muck around.

Contractor business revenue grow


Get your website in front of the people searching for your services. Dominate your competitors with a tested strategy.

Website design that creates phone calls

Get your website to generate sales and converts visitors into paying customers.

You get it. A beautiful website that generates no client is just an expense. Make your website an investment that generates phone calls and customers for your business. We can help you with mobile-optimised, and eye-catching website that, not only load fast, but it’s’ also “Google Friendly”. We also offer website design services in Lake Macquarie.

Lead Generation Machine Central Coast

Exclusive Hot Lead Generated For Your Business

High-quality local leads exclusively delivered for you to scale your business

Gone are the days you paid for low quality oversold leads from the big online directors. We generate leads in your local area just for your business. No sharing.
We take care of analysing the competition, launch an optimised website and rank it with our SEO Strategies. The only thing you need to care about is to hire an assistant to answer the phone. You’ll need one.

Local leads generation for your home services business

We Make Local SEO Profitable For Your Business

Insane results in a short period, else we’ll refund your money.

Gain online visibility for your business in your specific service areas is a must these days. People searching for your services in Google will click your competitor site if yours doesn’t appear in the Local 3 Map Pack period. Let us boost your raking so you can serve more people in your area.

Effective ranking strategy to get you in the local 3 map pack

Claim Your FREE Personalize Video Analysis of Your Website

Want to Improve Your Website but don’t Know How?

Just shoot us a message, and we’ll take a look at it and record a video with actionable tips you could use to improve your online local presence.

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The Lead Generation Machine

Your Secret Marketing Weapon that Brings More Leads To Tradies And Home Service Contractors

When we sketch out a lead generation website for a client, we think of it as a machine. The only purpose of this so-called machine is to create a flood of customer phone calls looking for the targeted home services you provide.
It doesn’t matter if you are a Plumber, a Roofing Contractor, an Electrician or a Pool Cleaning Contractor, the machine works the same, to dominate your local market.
The only thing we need from you is the local area you would like to rank for and the service you provide. That’s it. You can sit back and relax.
First, we will do market research in your local area, which includes analysing the top competitor and what will it take to outrank them.
Secondly, we will find the keywords that bring in the hottest prospects ready to buy.
Finally, we design and rank the lead generation machine that will bring those clients home.
Because of our proven and successful method, we only want to work with contractors that are hungry to grow, can provide outstanding services and understand that their phone will go nuts once the machine is plugged into their business.
Wondering how much is this machine going to cost you? No worries, you’ll only pay the price previously agreed and nothing extra.
What’s the difference between the other SEO Agencies that email you on a daily bases and us? Well, you’ll consider ourself as your business partners. We are dedicated to helping your business in your area. We won’t work with any of your local competitors.
We understand that without you, we cease to exist. You are the essential part of this business and if you don’t earn money, we won’t either. We will be the bill that pays for all your other bill’s.


Sorry but I don’t Advertise.

Yes, neither do our clients, because they have come to know the power of Google organic local rankings. They now have more customers than they ever dreamed of.

SEO What…? We don’t have a marketing budget.

Let’s figure out a way to get you some marketing budget. If you were ranked on the first page of Google, do you think you’d have more budget for marketing?

I fired my last Agency because I couldn’t tell if they were staying busy…

We know what you mean…you won’t have that problem with us. While you can’t track how “busy we are”, you will be able to track your rankings improvements.

You’ll get a report when we start showing where your site is ranked in Google. Then, each month, you’ll get an updated report, showing where you’re ranked and the number of positions that each keyword has jumped.

How to get more leads and customer online
Lead generation for tradies and home services business

Thanks, but we are getting better results with word of mouth, which is also free…

Most people have no idea of the power of Google. I’m sure you’ve searched Google to find your company. I’m sure you know who’s in the top spot. I’m sure you know how big their company is. Did you know that 80% of all new customers in your niche, when searching google, will use one of the first two ranked websites? Aren’t you tired of them getting all the new business? Let’s fix that.

How can you guarantee I will be on page 1. Only Google decides who is on page 1.

Experience. We know that Google will only rank a website if it trusts it. Our entire Local SEO Campaign is designed to add more and more trust to your site. We’ve never not been able to someone Google rank results. That’s actually the easy part and happens typically within 30-60 days. The climb gets a bit tougher the higher your site gets. But, once you’ve built authority in Google eyes, then SEO traffic doesn’t decline like other sources. Local organic visitors are stable and scalable.

What about Google’s algorithm? It’s continually changing; that’s why it’s so hard to rank.

Algorithms are designed to keep the sketchy SEO Agencies out. Google cares about one thing, and one thing only. The best End-User Experience. They are a search engine; as such, they’ll ONLY return to results that best serve given search queries. Otherwise, people will start using other search engines that return better results.

Our entire process is designed around that. It’s algorithm proof. We have never needed to worry about new algorithms.

What’s the difference between paying for Google Ads and your SEO Package?

For google ads, you pay per click even if the person wasn’t looking for your service. Also, the statistics show that 90% of the clicks go to organic listings.

Google ads do work, they are there for a reason, so does billboard’s, radio, TV, but why not spend your money on a more reliable source and consistency? We can understand that you may think of us as an extra expense, but we are the Bill that will pay your Bill’s. Our goal is to get you profitable results which we do guarantee.

Online marketing for home impruvement contractor
SEO Services for tradies and home improvement contractors

How is SEO free when I will be paying you to do it?

We never like our clients to pay for their SEO fee with money that we haven’t already brought them in the form of new customers, so, yes, in the beginning, you’ll be investing in your business, within a few months the ROI will blow you away.

Should I do an SEO campaign? Or paid Ads?

If you want to scale your business and dominate your local competitions, you need to be everywhere. SEO is a long term game. If you are eager to grow your business and want results immediately, it is advised to start running paid Ads campaign while you work on your SEO.

How do I track how many new leads you are getting me? How do I know you are getting me the new business?

The power of Local SEO is insane; this won’t just be a slight increase in customers. Our experience is, no matter the niche, no matter the business type when a website goes from anywhere beyond page #1 to Page #1, revenue doubles.
Once you’re ranked in the Maps Pack and Organic Results in the top 3, forget it. You will need to expand, buy more fleet, hire more staff, and or raise prices because you’ll literally have more customers than you can handle.